As a collective, we are waking up. The veil is being lifted on our polarizing systems that breed inequality among race, class, gender, and sexual orientation. We live in a culture that monetizes success and divides us into classes who cater to the rich. Leaders govern with fear and technology, revealing to us the dangers of the relative truth. In fact, technology is advancing at a rate that is processing data way faster than our human brains. Check out The Social Dilemma! 


How can we lead each moment with love, redefine success as a culture, and unify our systems so that EVERYONE can evolve? Well, that's a loaded question that takes more than a straight passing white man to answer. It's a question I believe that we can all ask ourselves as we move through this time of great discomfort. I may not know the solution, but I do know an ingredient that can ease our growing pains and accelerate our evolution: Meditation.


Meditation is using the mind, body, or breath to alter your state of consciousness. It's most appealing function is to release deeply rooted stress that has accumulated throughout generations.


I dream of a world where meditation is equivalent to brushing your teeth; something we do twice a day to clean the gunk that builds up and can ultimately cause disease.


Once you develop a daily practice, you begin to notice incremental changes in your perception, the complex layers of emotion, how we are all connected, and what it is that you came to this lifetime to achieve. 


How can we create a world where we normalize the practice of mental hygiene?  A world where important decisions come from a clear, centered, and compassionate place. "Tula" is the Sanskrit word for "balance". Our approach organizes meditation into 4 categories; facilitating a deeper understanding of the practice with a strong foundation in technique. 

Pat Moran - Founder of Tula Meditation

*Certified by The Veda Center